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He previously served as chief technology officer at Facebook, where he oversaw new product development and managed the engineering team.

Script for validating a form in javascript

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Validate qty of checkboxes in a group (same name) have been checked, using min, max or range.Sending data is not enough — we also need to make sure that the data users fill out in forms is in the correct format we need to process it successfully, and that it won't break our applications.This is called form validation — when you enter data the web application checks it to see if it is correct.

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Form validation helps us achieve these goals — this article tells you what you need to know.

By and large, good ones were enhanced with additional scripts.

We are going to cover several field types including standard input field, password field, repeat password field, email field, options list and few different js scripts.

Using these bits of code, you can write your own scripts to validate forms I can't give you a complete script, because each form and each check are different.

You'll have to use the elements I explain on this page to build your own script.