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Se7en ended his promotions on the October 30, 2010.Han Byul's beauty cant be compare with anyone else, she is shiny on every scene she appears. Her perfect face catches all my attention and Im totally distracted from the subtitle. Watched you in "I Have A Lover", and if I never see you in another drama it will be too soon. Sorry to know that you have gone through very tough time and i believe the sun always appears to shine. Later that year, he received the Best Newcomer Award from MNET.MNET described Se7en as a super rookie who could only stand against Rain, although the two were friends back in their high school years, alongside Boom. On March 10, Se7en's first single "Girls" featuring Lil' Kim was released through digital stores such as i Tunes and Amazon MP3. apparently i'm already doing a great job because i just checked and I'm already on the hated list! And even if he is healthy mentally, which i cant imagine, he lacks basic common sense. The kind of people who joke that way tend to be suffering from some form of psychosis or personality disorder, the very type of people who actually follow through with things like that.Los MC's, junto con los invitados, deben completar misiones para ganar la carrera.El 14 de Diciembre de 2016 se rumoreaba que Kim Jong Kook y Song Ji Hyo dejarían el programa para la segunda temporada de este; las razones de la salida de Ji Hyo fueron que había "estado en discusiones durante mucho tiempo debido a la dificultad de hacer malabares entre participar en programas de variedad y actuar.

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His 2nd track 'Digital Bounce' featured the rapping skills of Big Bang's T. Throughout his comeback, Se7en attended many variety shows and even featured in fellow labelmate 2NE1's hit reality show 2NE1TV, where he described his hardships in America and his hiatus.Your delivery is monotone, your voice is like nails on a chalkboard, and you whistle through your teeth. Remember "there's always blessing in disguise" I love your strong character in "Good daughter Hana" drama. But awesome thing to know is se7en so blessed to havr u. someone asked if they should play a joke in a airport and i was like "you should already know there is no playing around in there" So this kid got jailed not for a comment but for being criminally dumb lol *I* would never be in that person's situation because I would never even think to say something that messed up. there are some things that people should just know not to do or say.And the reality of it, is that SE7EN was *not* married at the time of it either. Kpop stars act like their fans say jailworthy things and are such dark and twisted people. For once I can say, the reaction to what this person said was not overstated even a little bit.