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White label dating landing page

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If you’re creating a mature dating site targeting the over 50s, your landing page should feature a happy couple in that age bracket.When choosing a colour scheme, keep the same goal in mind.Done for you To ensure your landing page links into the WLD platform you need to create a CNAME.This is created where the domain you are using is being hosted under the DNS records. (or whatever your domain extension is.) Point this to alias2 .You can check to see if the CNAME has been set up correctly at; Input the CNAME you have created and check to see if it has propagated and that is points to alias2. Ensure you have customised the colours in the backend checking that there are no colour clashes.When you want to start your own online dating business, there’s a common question rising – which route to take?

You don’t have to create a white label dating site to use this program, you can promote some of their top sites with regular affiliate marketing methods. Marketing tools include a dynamic member picture feed, quiz, instant messenger popups, registration forms and of course banners!White labels at most have generic mobile apps (not branded as yours) because of the one-size-fits-all approach.In a generic app users have to enter your site URL for it to work.Also it should be noted that on i OS (the operating system for i Phone, the world’s most popular mobile phone, with the best converting audience) a generic (non-branded) application can’t accept purchases for you, because it’s not set up with your account.With white label systems your landing page can only be customized so much, and you can’t choose your own features or pricing plans.This would then need to replace the example CNAMEs in the Coding sent to you for your landing page.