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(Note: recommended research resources on Epiphone banjos and Epiphone upright basses.) Generally not included in this project are any Epiphone instruments built after the 1957 take-over by CMI/Gibson – instruments made in Kalamazoo MI, typically stated on their internal label.A couple of months ago, I received a call from a friend who runs a drum shop in Southern Illinois.This timeline provides a chronology of milestones, developments and changes related to Epiphone instruments over the years 1931 to 1956.The timeline focuses on general aspects, while detailed info about individual models and their development can be found on the Models page. Note: The quoted serial numbers (SN) refer to the first/last examples of a model/feature as documented in our Registry – i.e.Inside the case was a label-less, serial number-less semi-hollow electric guitar with Epiphone on the headstock, just like my friend had described.The guitar looked and felt like it was USA-made, but I needed to examine it more closely.

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With packing peanuts flying, I pulled out a hard shell case that could have housed a 335.Below we have listings of guitar dating and serial number information sites and other resources.While dating your electric guitar or acoustic guitar can be tricky, the places listed below should give you an idea of the date for your vintage guitar through its serial number.I also noticed what I call “ears” on the headstock, which occur when Gibson cuts the neck blanks for their guitars and then reuses scrap pieces by gluing them to the headstock portion of the blank, creating laminate lines that can be seen on the back of the headstock.Dating a Guitar to locate the year it was made - Locate the year your guitar was made to find out the possible value depending on condition.Musicians, collectors, guitar dealers, luthiers and historians who own and appreciate Epiphone instruments are invited to contribute info to the NY Epi Reg research project.